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Agile Stocks | Monstock - Inventory management software MONSTOCK

Agile Stocks | Monstock - Inventory management software

Stock management


“ 1. Mobility access including offline and real time, 2. Complete secure cloud solution with immediate start, 3. Digitization and simplification of processes to increase productivity 4. Customization of the solution to all needs (process, documents, etc.) 5. Use of available material, does not require specific material 6. Easy and fast integration with internal and external applications 7. Complete view of processes, operations and flows from suppliers to customers 8. Simplification and structuring of processes 9. Control of stocks and flows to reduce costs of your Supply Chain ”
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Manage all your stocks and flows, buying and selling thanks to the agile inventory management of Monstock. Manage any stock to face the disruption of the Supply Chain.
Manage your stocks and flows of purchases and sales:
  • Operational and unified inventory management: warehouse inventory management (WMS), factories, stores, vehicles, advanced inventory, etc.,
  • Supplier orders and receipts: multi-supplier management, calculation of purchasing needs, automated replenishment (IA module),
  • Management of logistics units, handling, variations, transfers: all logistics concepts are carried out natively,
  • Customer orders and preparations: Retrieval of internal and external orders or via OMS module, management of preparations on the go.

Thanks to Monstock's agile Smart Stock inventory management, reduce your stocks and working capital by 10 to 20%, meet logistical commitments during online sales, reduce surface area / forklift truck / picking resources, simplify your processes to save money. 3 to 5% productivity and follow your quality of service in real time thanks to the dashboard.
Key features:
  • Multi-site and multi-client management,
  • Receipt of orders,
  • Real-time management of locations,
  • Traceability management,
  • Alert management,
  • Optimization of supplies assisted by Artificial Intelligence,
  • Management of articles, batches and packaging,
  • Preparation of commands,
  • Inventory by product and by location,
  • Detailed dashboard of operational processes.

Multi-locations Reception Traceability Automatic alerts Procurement assisted by Artificial Intelligence Preparation Inventories Detailed dashboard of operational processes Batch management and packaging Production management

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