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AUTOPULSE 320-T3 - MIG welding machine
AUTOPULSE 320-T3 - product presented by GYS
MIG welding machine


AUTOPULSE 320-T3 is a digital MIG/MAG double pulse generator with 3 integrated wire feeders. It is an extremely advanced machine with 46 synergic curves providing an exceptional arc quality. Versatile, it will hold 3 different torches to weld steel, aluminium and brazing (CuSi3/CuAl8). The user friendly interface and the very precise wire feed make the quality of the weld on very thin sheets outstanding.

Welding processes : Standard, Pulse, Pulse in Pulse, and Manual. Trigger activation modes : 2T, 4T, SPOT, DELAY and TACK function. Precise control over the welding cycle : CreepSpeed, Softstart, Hotstart, Upslope,
The 46 synergic curves guarantee an outstanding weld using a large range of materials, wire sizes and gases. The integral synergic mode determines automatically the best welding settings but also allow the user to adjust them (wire feed speed, voltage, current, self).
4 microprocessors increase the calculation speed and general machine efficiency. Very high arc voltage guarantee an easy arcing and an exceptional arc performance on all types of metals. 3 electronically regulated wire feeders fitted with 4 drive rolls each. Will hold up to 3 wire reels of 200mm diameter. Automatic detection of the torches when the trigger is pressed. Over hanging torch support (x3) and welding helmet. Compatible with Push Pull torches (24 V). Compatible with Spool Guns and ideal for aluminium soft wire (AlSi5 / AlSi12).
New and simplified interface designed specifically for use by bodyshop staff. Colour screen XL to set and control the welding cycle very precisely. 2 scroll wheels and 4 buttons to easily navigate through the different menus. Complete update of the machine and its programs through a simple USB stick. Storage available for up to 500 welding programs for repetitive jobs.
  • car body repair

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