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New web site : www.bulte.com

Established in Germany in 1956, BÜLTE Group has acquired manufacturing knowledge and a worldwide dynamics throughout the years.

Along with its presence in France since 1986 and in England since 1998, Bülte has been able to create a climate of confidence with all its European partners. Whatever the sector of activity you are in, Bülte will assist you with your search and help provide you with the best solution for your requirement.

 The production range :

 Bülte offers a wide range of standard products in Polyamide as well as specific and innovating parts in various materials (PP, PE, PVDF, PTFE, and others). Colours galore.

 - Washers : including locking, sealing, anti-loss, retaining, insulating, locating, saddle, holding, brake, fibre, saddle, metric finishing, soft and hard PVC, flat and metric flat. Also washers in Neoprene, Polypropylene, Teflon and PVDF.

- Retaining rings, bushings, nylon clips and spacers.

- Nuts : hex nuts, hex washer faced, flat hex washer faced, hex cap, hex dome, insulating, round, slotted nut-plugs, knurled thumb, conical and wing nuts.

- All the standard screws, cheese, pan, wing, mushroom, flat, hex, Philips, raised & countersunk, knurled thumb, cup square head, triangular and violin head,  slotted grub screws.

- Binder posts and threaded rods.

- Screw caps for Pozi, Philips, Torx, rivets.

- Cover for hex nuts, plugs.

- “Plastomet” screws/nuts.

- Handles, handwheels, shelf supports, push-in clips, inserts, bumper pads and cable ties.

- Parts manufactured to customer’s specifications.

 The quality of the products :

 Over the years we have kept pace with improvements in production methods and materials.

We are certified ISO 9001:2008 giving you confidence in our products and service necessary for good business relationships.

Thanks to a flexible and efficient production line, we are able to offer :

-         the best lead time

-         excellent quality/price ratio.


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