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Certified Product - Food Contact Material - Europe EUROFINS PRODUCT TESTING

Certified Product - Food Contact Material - Europe



“ Using the Fit For Food label by Eurofins Product Testing will give you these benefits : - easily intelligible - comprehensive tested by an independent ISO 17025 laboratory - easy administrative tasks - one test to certify your product - all European regulations are covered ”
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Fit For Food is a third-party product certification that ensures full compliance with legislative requirements in Europe.
Fit For Food proves a strong commitent to product safety.

Modern consumers have become increasingly aware of the materials that come into contact with food in our daily lives.
In industrial market food companies and retailers demand product safety, and producers of food contact materias struggle to keep up with administarative tasks to show compliance.

Make it all easier
Fit For Food help to ease administrative tasks on proving compliance, and leaves no unswered questions. f a product is certified to be Fit For Food it means that Eurofins Product Testng attests to the safety of the product.

To have the logo on your packging will give youa competitive advantage.

Contact :
Fançois BRULE ( ENG + FR)
T : +33 6 71 2935 79
E : francoisbrule@eurofins.com

Food contact material certification All Europe is covered competitive advantage to print it on your packaging Contractual agreement Safety of the product Technical consultation by highly qualified people

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