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Comprehensive System for Sludge Handling AKIS

Comprehensive System for Sludge Handling

Mud dehydration


“ Efficient, automated and customizable sludge-lime mixing solution ”
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Specialists of conveying and sludge-lime mixing applications, we present integrated and turnkey systems for sludge handling, from dehydration to storage and truck loading.

Example of a typical system:
The dehydrated sludge is conveyed by one or more screws from the dehydration unit to a sludge lime mixer.
The mixer can be either horizontal (type Sluka M2 for example) or vertical, like the type OKM ,  which also serves as a vertical screw. This double function is a great asset for space gain and makes it easy to integrate in various types of systems. Vertical conveying can be used to load a silo or to reach another conveyor located higher up.
Horizontal screw conveyors can be several dozens meters long and be equipped with multiple outlets for an effective distribution in a storage area.

We also provide flat-bottom silos with frame scraping systems.

Our sludge handling systems are adaptable as equipments are tailored depending on your needs and site configuration:
- Vertical, horizontal, inclined screw conveyors - quantity and length adjustable
- Horizontal or vertical sludge and lime mixers
- Conveyors with several discharge points for optimal distribution in the storage area
- Silos and hoppers wih extraction, discharge, truck loading systems

Specialists of water, sludge and waste treatment, we have more than 20 years of experience and hundreds of machines installed in France and abroad. We provide turnkey solutions, including design, manufacturing, delivery, assembly, training. We assure the follow-up for maintenance and spare parts.

Efficient mixing without destructuring the sludge System tailored to each site All-in-one system with conveying, sludge-lime mixing, storage High quality materials and thorough design Turnkey solutions: design, manufacturing, delivery, installation, training Installation indoors or outdoors quiet, covered installation

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