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Converter CI-420 TECFLUID

Converter CI-420




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The CI-420 converter has been designed to generate an analog output which is proportional to the input frequency and at the same time an opto-isolated pulse output the same as the input. All the mathematical functions are made by a microprocessor that also filters the output to give a stable reading.

Technical specifications : 

Operates with volumetric counter COVOL and turbine TM-44
The minimum frequency that the instrument will detect is 0,04 Hz (one pulse every 25 seconds).
The maximum input frequency is 2.000 Hz.


The CI-420 is housed in an IP40 plastic case for mounting on a panel inside an electric control panel.
The plastic case has two holes for mounting with screws to DIN 46 121 and DIN 43 660, and also it has a snap fastener for fitting to DIN 46 277 and DIN EN 50 022 assembly rails.
Screw terminals are provided for the external wiring. The terminals are protected against accidental contact in accordance with VDE 0100 Part 750, VDE 0160 Part 100 and VBG 4.

Working conditions

The case has a protection as per IP 40 and the terminals as per IP 20.
The working temperature limits are –10 to 60°C

Mains supply

The standard mains voltage is 230 Vac 50/60 Hz. AC Mains voltages of 240 V, 110 V y 24 V 50/60 Hz. and 24 Vdc supply voltage are available on order.
The power consumption is less than 1 W.
The instrument is not supplied with a mains filter and in the exceptional cases that, due to high levels of mains interference, a mains filter is needed, this must be installed externally. Due to the low power consumption, almost any small mains filter will be adequate.
The instrument is supplied with a slow blow (T) 250 mA fuse.

Analog Output

The analog output is configured internally for current or voltage output.
Current Output - Maximum Load = 600 ohms
Voltage Output - Minimum Load = 10.000 ohms

Pulse inputs

1. The input called "COVOL" is designed to work with an electrical contact which closes the circuit between terminals 14 and 16 of the terminal strip. Given that this type of input is generally slow and to avoid contact bounce, this input is limited to about 200 pulses per second.
2. The pick-up input is designed to work with an inductive pick-up using a coil. The input frequency in this case is limited to about 2,000 pulses per second.

Pulse Output

Frequency : The same as the input frequency (max. 2000 Hz).
The opto isolated open collector has the following characteristics:
NPN Transistor
Maximum Voltage : 30 Vdc
Maximum Current : 50 mA

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