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Cycloidal style reducers CR serie
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Cycloidal style reducers CR serie

Compared with common gearboxes and speed reducers, cycloidal style reducers  (also known as cycloid drives) cover a broader range of reduction ratios, possess higher load-carrying capacity, are dimensionally smaller and  provide smooth, vibration free performance  along with high efficiency.  These characteristics make them well suited for precision industrial applications, especially in robotics, machine tools and linear axis positioning in assembly & packaging machinery.

In this catalogue CDS presents an innovative cycloidal speed reducer design intended for high precision motion control applications.  This unique design is the result of years of theoretical research and experimental development by CDS in cooperation with the Polytechnic University of Milan.  Our research and development effort culminated in the publishing of a technical treatise which was presented at the ASME 2007 Design Engineering Technical Conferences (DETC 2007) on Computers and Information in Engineering, which was held in Las Vegas, NV,  September 4–7, 2007.

The CDS new generation cycloid reducer has an improved technical design, with an external ring gear, the inner surface  profile of which is the external offset of an epitrochoid, and engages with the planet wheel by means of cylindrical rollers.


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