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Optimize the distribution of your adhesives and labels

For 40 years now, DERFI has been innovating on a daily basis and supporting you in all your problems related to adhesive cutting and label distribution.

Founded in 1978, the DERFI company aims to develop a unique know-how in the world of engineering, and quickly specializes in the design of technical and complex machines.

One of the first wishes of the company, was to privilege the human touch and personalized advice for each of our customers. This is why, by identifying and the specific needs of the various industrial players, DERFI has evolved, created and transformed the tools of tomorrow.

It is this close collaboration with the various industrial operators and craftsmen, as well as this craze for service and innovation, that have allowed DERFI to assert itself and build a true identity in the industrial sphere.

In this way, with its experience as a tailor-made service provider as a design office, and a growing reputation, DERFI has seduced the big names in French and international industry.

Very quickly, after having developed in many sectors, such as aerospace and automotive, DERFI decided to focus on the development of machines for the cutting and recovery of adhesives.


Today, DERFI is a reference in the sectors of tape cutting and label distribution. For many years, we have been working to offer you the best solutions for your Scotch rolls.

We now have more than ten manual unwinders manufactured from scratch by our technical teams, as well as some thirty improvements and customizations on pre-existing manual and automatic reels. This is the case of the RLT7000, which is simply a combination of a RT7000 and a manual dispenser with automatic liner separation.

In addition, the unique know-how of our operators raises DERFI to the rank of specialist in repair and maintenance of all types of Scotch dispensers and labels. In this way, we are restoring complex machines such as the RT7000 or the TBC50.

But the great pride of DERFI lies in the interest that we carry for the security of the users of our fabrications. Our goal here is to answer a problem that is unfortunately common in industrial environments; that of accidents relating to the use of production machinery. In the area of ​​adhesive cutting, the risk of injury is even greater. The unwinders are equipped with sharp blades that, at the slightest touch with the fingers of one hand, can cause serious injury.

That's why almost all our reels are equipped with a secure cutting system. Each of these cutting systems has been carefully designed to suit perfectly the unwinder for which it is intended. By browsing our site you will then observe safe cutting lines by training rolls, this will be the case for the DS and DND range, including the DS25E and DS2x25, or the DND25, but you will also see the horizontal safe cuts of the DC to DC400 wire feeders. The goal is to prevent any contact of the blade on the fingers of the operator when handling our devices.

This concern for safety is also the desire to make accessible the use of manual and automatic unwinders to the greatest number, and particularly to the operators in centers of handicaps of the type CAT and ESAT.


DERFI is above all a consulting company. Our goal is to support our clients in finding solutions to their problems. We then direct them to the products that best correspond to the different needs of their activities depending on the type of adhesive used and the intensity of production. You will find on our platform, various options of access to our services, for an individual and personalized relationship.

We also offer the possibility, in one click, to obtain a free quote for each of our machines.

In addition, we advise our customers to send us reels of adhesive cut, so that we can test for free and thus direct the industrial operator to the best solution.

The second part of our services is the custom manufacturing of manual reels or unwinders extensions. In our workshops, we design and design unique products, resulting from constructive exchanges with our customers. New needs arise every day and challenge us to constantly create new machines to address issues related to the use and recovery of adhesive films. It is all these years of practices and know-how that allow DERFI today to present a wide range of solutions for your adhesives.

On this site you will find hundreds of products that respond to all types of problems encountered when cutting adhesive. You will find manual and electric dispensers capable of cutting to length adhesives such as double sided, velcro, or insulating sheaths thanks to the TBC50, but also high speed vignette distributors for fast recovery of opaque and transparent pellets.

But DERFI is also a company with passionate technicians, with a rich culture of use and operation of adhesive film reels and label applicators on the market. A large part of our remit is then devoted to the repair and maintenance of your electrical and manual cutting devices.

Finally, we have in our warehouses, all spare parts of our Scotch dispensers and self-adhesive vignettes.
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