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Digital frequency divider DFD2 and DFD2E
Digital frequency divider DFD2 and DFD2E TECFLUID
Frequency converters

Digital frequency divider DFD2 and DFD2E

The DFD has been designed to generate a series of output pulses proportional to the input pulses. The relationship between the output and input pulses is: Io = Ii x K ; Io = Number of output pulses ; Ii = Number of input pulses ; K = Correlation factor ; The value of K is selected by means of BCD switches and jumpers inside the instrument.

Application areas:

APPLICATIONS : a) The correction or rationalization of the number of pulses of measuring transducers, for example a flow meter which gives 5 pulses per liter and we wish to batch in liters, or a length measuring equipment which gives 10 pulses per inch and we want to work in meters. b) Batching : Logically if we can give one output pulse for every n input pulses we can use the DFD for batching.
Technical specifications:

Operates with volumetric counter COVOL and turbine TM-44

Working conditions

The case has protection as per IP 40 and the terminals as per IP 20.

The working temperature limits are 0 to 50°C

Mains supply

The standard mains voltage is 220 V ac 50/60 Hz. AC Mains voltages of 240 V, 110 V y 24 V

50/60 Hz. and 24 V dc supply voltage are available on order. The fuse should be 250 mA slow blow (T)

The power consumption is less than 1W.

The instrument is not supplied with a mains filter and in the exceptional cases that, due to high levels of mains interference, a mains filter is needed, this must be installed externally. Due to the low power consumption, almost any small mains filter will be adequate.

Output : 5V TTL, opto isolated

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