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Enhanced combination unit : ALPHA.C ECO TECHNOTRANS FRANCE

Enhanced combination unit : ALPHA.C ECO



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The energy-efficient variant of the combination unit alpha.c combines dampening solution circulation and ink unit temperature control in a single compact unit. The power-controlled alpha.c eco system is suitable for small to medium formats.

The system offers an energy-efficient concept thanks to the infinitely variable adaptation of the performance to the actual demand. The cooling capacity can be controlled in a range from 10 to 100 % by way of the digital scroll compressor. At the same time, the speed of the AC fan is adapted to the current situation of the refrigeration unit.

The speed-control temperature control pump with ΔT control, which has been field-tested in the beta.c eco+, completes the range of eco features. The highlight of the alpha.c eco is its greatly reduced energy demand. The combination of these functions in this system lowers the fixed costs by 30 % minimum. Environmentally friendly printing and saving of resources are decisive criteria.

For customisation in view of specific customer requirements, the alpha.c series offers a range of variable features in all functional areas. The water-cooled version, for example, is optionally available with an integrated pump module for supplying the periphery with cooling water.

The alpha.c eco model, which is equipped with a digital scroll compressor and speed-controlled drives, adapts perfectly to the output of the printing press. Total saving potential thanks to digital scroll technology, a speed-controlled temperature control circuit pump and AC fans: ››approx. 25 up to 30 % (compared to the standard alpha.c) ››approx. 1,200 bis 1,400 € p.a.* These and other solutions are viewed by technotrans as integral for sustainable production.

A revised control system ensures the easy operation of the system and a high level of comfort. The new 3.5“ colour touch display offers a graphical representation with screens for actual/ set values, simplified process diagrams and fault and warning messages. The new control concept sets the standard for the entire alpha.c series.

energy-efficient concept now also available for small to medium formats benefit from drive power saving potentials, particularly during partial load operation highly efficient refrigeration unit using proven digital scroll technology speed-controlled temperature control circuit pump for the infinitely variable adaptation of the volume flow to the actual demand speed-controlled ac fans for air-cooled units ensuring a reduced noise level and air pollution
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