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ExtendSim – flow simulation software 1POINT2

ExtendSim – flow simulation software

Behavioral simulation



“ • Ergonomics making it easy to pick up and to understand; • Discrete event, continuous and discrete rate systems; • Versatility and power; • Competitive cost, technical support guaranteed; • Cooperation with other applications, for both input data and results; • Graphical and programming interface to create tailored interfaces. ”
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ExtendSim simulation models enable you to study and test your projects without disrupting the functioning of your organization, and to freely experiment various situations in order to choose the optimal solution with a perspective close to reality.

ExtendSim is an American piece of software which is well established in the US. It offers a graphical modeling approach by combining basic components (operations, queues, stocks, conveyors, etc.) to visually reproduce the system to be studied. First, each component is set up (for instance for a fixed, variable or random duration) and then, the simulation runs for a period ranging from a few hours to several months depending on the nature of the model, thus applying in a concrete way the model assumptions.

Component libraries are suitable for both the industrial world and the tertiary sector, and also take into account flow characteristics or workforce.

Besides a very intuitive approach, ExtendSim provides a programming language for non-standard representations, 2D and 3D animation tools, databases that centralize all information about a model, statistical tools, continuous process and discrete rate libraries as well as support tools for experimental design and multiple simulations.

Application examples: Assigning workforce and equipment, Testing the effectiveness of an investment, Analyzing costs, Launching a new product, Dimensioning Kanban loops, Validating a production capacity, Reorganizing an administrative department, Providing support for scheduling, Evaluating the performance off an automated system, Reducing stocks, throughput or production cycles, Observing machines utilization, etc.

1Point2 performed a French version of ExtendSim and distributes this software in France and South Europe. 1Point2 is an organizational consulting company specialized in flow simulation, which offers trainings in simulation methodologies and ExtendSim software, as well as technical support and customized assistance.

Continuous, Discrete Event, Mixed systems

All industrial fields Logistics & Supply Chain Publics Transports Services Flows of people

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