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Fixed Controllers : 820 Controller Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection

Fixed Controllers : 820 Controller

Gas sensors


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A flexible solution for fixed-point gas monitoring installations, the 820 Controller is ideal for a wide range of applications, the 820 Controller can be used for its simple local monitoring and alarm capabilities as well as in more elaborate network setups.

Appropriate for both industrial and non-industrial applications, the two-channel analog controller can accept one or two 4-20 mA input signals from any gas transmitter and display the reading on the large LED display. The 820 Controller offers an easy-to-navigate user interface for configuration and control of every parameter including alarm values.

The 820 Controller can also be part of a larger digital network using ModBus Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) protocol. This interface can facilitate sensor data sharing and remote operation of the 820 Controller through any ModBus RTU controller. A built-in signal pass-through feature also allows the values of the two analog input signals to be sent as two isolated 4-20 mA signals to other PLC or DCS control devices.

Five programmable analog relays are also featured for alarm and fault conditions. When alarm conditions are reached, the 820 Controller can control alarms, fans and horns as well as emit its own audible alarm along with LED and real-time display notifications.

Compatible with iTrans and AirAware fixed-point gas detectors, the 820 Controller also includes programmable high and low alarm limits for each input channel, a real-time clock for time-stamping and date-stamping alarm records, separate alarm record tables for each input sensor, and a power LED that flashes when the supply power is above or below the acceptable range.

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