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GATINE Presentation


Located in France in the Yvelines department, 50km west of PARIS, GATINE has a distinct advantage as this region has strong development potential and a big influence in France and throughout Europe.

The Company is close to its market, which is a real plus, as we can supply our customers quickly.

Company purpose

GATINE specialises in the transformation of cardboards and plastics. GATINE designs and manufactures all types of tubes and stoppers in cardboard and plastic.

We put our experience at your service in the design and manufacture of small, medium and large series associated with the development of new applications. Our finishing workshop will handle the ancillary work and any special jobs.

A new creative idea, a qualitative improvement, a better product presentation most often requires R&D. So, our experienced team will give you their full attention at each production phase.



  • 1921: GATINE is founded. Manufacture of first-aid boxes and cardboard-covered boxes.
  • 1940: Manufacture of cardboard tubes for electric battery protection. The company grew rapidly in this booming market. The company adapted to the market by manufacturing the majority of the cardboard protections for the various round and flat batteries.
  • 1960: Technological change, cardboard protections gave way for plastic protections. The technology was different but the basic product was always: THE TUBE.
  • 1975: New markets in wrapping and packaging, based on the same products since it specialised in them.
  • 1985: Addition of another activity, the cardboard stopper, cardboard caps. With this new sector it completed its product range: ALL CARDBOARD, ALL PLASTIC OR MIXED.
  • 1998: Diversification through the development of a new activity: the cutting-out of cardboard and plastic to dimensions: flanges, plates, washers, joints...
  • 2006: Research and development of intermediary material between cardboard and plastic: The 50% plastic, 50% wood meal. Better for the environment.

GATINE has managed to diversify its customer base and get across its trademark image, its vocation and its personality.


5, rue de Jézanne
Phone : +33 (0)1 30 92 07 86
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je voudrais obtenir un devis pour ce produit


Tubes de 50 ml, plus comme des tubes de crème pour les mains.


Cardboard tubes Cardboard tip Plastic tubes Plastic tubes Plastic cap Window display

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