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GEL40 - Refrigerant Spray RIVELEC - PLASTIFORM

GEL40 - Refrigerant Spray



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GEL40 aerosol is a very stable refrigerant product that allows progressive localized cooling. It is particularly useful to use it to locate electrical thermal failures or to protect a fragile element from heat before welding.

The GEL40 leaves no residue or traces behind it. It is chemically and electrically neutral, non-flammable, toxic and non-polluting.

This refrigerant is used for industry to perform various tasks:

    Assembly or disassembly of adjusted parts,
    Thermostatic tests,
    Localized refrigeration to prevent thermal operation (welding, etc.)

The GEL40 allows local cooling up to 40°C Minimum. The product is available in 150 ml and 400mL aerosols only.

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