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GELEC Presentation

Pushing the boundaries in fine -tuning hight-erformance generators, developping systems within the scope of energy demands and the environnemental requirements of our time, pushing the limits of hybridization, combining and mastering energy sources, and creating Off Grid micro-networks under extreme conditions. These are the challenges that gelec faces everyday.

Gelec Energy has created a range of reliable and robust industrial generators, certified heavy duty, for intensive or normal use, for emergency or for back up. dedicaced to craftsmen, farmer and manufacturing professionnals. our product are manufactured with adherence to Europeans standards, applicable to companies certified ISO 9001.

Gelec revolutionnes the universe of electric generators by displaying the amount of energy, consumption and CO2 emissions, an unprecedented feature. The first smart electric générator is born. Silent the KUB is incomparable in its confort of use. this smart energy managementand storage ensures a significant gain in autonomy, reduce consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by one third and lenghtens the lifespan of the generator. 

Gelec  to meet the économic need to find alternative energy developped the BIOIL générators, specially designed emissions  to run on raw vegetable oils (HVB) constitute a progress in the universe of the autonomous energy

Sand alone electricity génération, for emergencies or back up, means reliability and faultless adaptation to your facilities need.

Our study office's engineers create tailor-made solutions, by integrating intelligent clean systems to optimise your production.


22 rue de la Rigourdière
35510 CESSON
Phone : 02 96 70 75 75
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