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Patrick Delors, Ingénieur en bureau d’études

A selection of specialized suppliers. I save time by avoiding exhibitions
and that allows me to focus on the essential.

Patrick Delors (Engineer in research and development)

1. Step: Search for those products and/or suppliers that interest you

You know exactly what you want.

We invite you to use the site's search engine. It is placed at the top of your screen and it allows you to have access to the list of goods and services corresponding to your search.

You do not know exactly the type of product or service that can answer your need(s).

You can also browse by category. With a few clicks you can access a list of products and services selected for their relevance.

You can describe your need but do not have time to look for a supplier yourself.

We designed the service SOS SUPPLIERS, where you simply describe your need to find the solution. The teams of the Expo Plaza do the searching for you and you will receive within 48 hours 5 estimates. Rapid, accurate and efficient.

Trick: Play the competition by receiving multiple quotes for the same need!

2. Step: Describe your need

However you choose to look for suppliers at Expo Plaza, you will need to complete a contact form in order to complete your request, either for linking you or for your supplier research.

As soon as we receive your request, we do everything we can. We contact the suppliers. This may take 24 to 48 hours depending on the complexity of your request.

3. Step: The selected suppliers contact you

The selected suppliers contact you as soon as possible. And you can then complete your purchase act with them.

We ensure that the selected suppliers meet their commitment to respond quickly to requests from Industry Plaza

Find a supplier

Exhibit your products and reach millions of professionals looking for your products!

Attract new customers who understand your business, eliminate those that waste your time and money, generate a continuous flow of qualified prospects throughout the year.

How it works?

  • We createyour stand
  • We attract prospects
  • We qualify
    the contacts andprovide you with leads

3 steps to reach millions of professionals

  • Step 1 : Create your stand It takes just a few minutes to upload your products through our intuitive web interface. Create and manage an unlimited number of products customized with text, photos, datasheets, catalogs.
  • Step 2 : Users discover your products Benefit from a powerful communication throughout the year with our marketing tools.
  • Step 3 : Prospects contact you You receive directly enquiries to your offers via email.

How are the leads generated?

  • Our teams are working consistently to maximize the performance of your stand.
    Here are some of their secrets:
  • Search Engine Optimization It is crucial to make sure that your future clients find your e-stand from the search engines. Our content team is aware of that and provides a natural search engine optimization and paid search engine marketing.
  • Customer loyalty Within 7 years, Industry Plaza has brought more than a million professionals in contact with each other. We keep in touch with people who have already made a request on our site, either by phone or email in order to note their future needs.
  • Partnerships Industry Plaza is part of the group Infopro Digital, the leader of professional press in France. As such, we benefit directly from the reputation of certain brands (L’Usine Nouvelle, Emballage Magazine, Industrie et Technologie, Le Moniteur…). We also have access to the most comprehensive database of the sector.
Certifié L'expo permanente
  • The leads we provide are checked on 6 checkpoints
  • Request from a professional (not individuals)
  • Valid email
  • Existing postal address
  • Compliant telephone number
  • Company referenced in the commercial register
  • Need / project relevant to your business

What our clients say about Industry Plaza

… INFOPRO brings expertise in the field of digitalization. The management of the leads is a ‘gold mine’ for our sales forces and they need to be aware of the works’ richness, and the return on investment in the medium term is represented by the renewal of our customer portfolio. The leads from INFOPRO let us rethink our market knowledge as well as its potentials and we open our eyes to the perpetual and necessary renewal of our mature markets… fin de citation

M. Jean-Yves B. (Mechanical and hydraulic components)

My contact person knows my needs: He offers me to highlight several products; the leads are generated regularly; the presence on Industry Plaza helps to effectively improve our visibility on the Internet. fin de citation

M. Jean-Philippe T. (Protection Equipment)

Since Industry Plaza generates the leads, our sales team can focus on selling rather than on the pure acquisition of new customers. fin de citation

M. Antoine K. (Lifting device)

New contracts are signed every week by our customers.
Here a selection:

 alt obligatoire
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Deal signed with Cédric F.
  • (Maintenance manager)
  • Amount: 463 €
Engin de manutention portuaire
  • Handling machine
  • Deal is currently under negotiation with Loïc D.
  • (Director)
  • Amount: 240 000 €
Plaque alvéolaire
  • Alveolar plate
  • Deal signed with Niels V.
  • (Technical manager)
  • Amount: 2 900 €
Perceuse magnétique
  • Magnetic drilling machine
  • Deal signed with Romain B.
  • (Engineer)
  • Amount: 1 000 €
Barquettes alimentaires
  • Food packaging (Qty 1.500)
  • Deal signed with Alain V.
  • (Operating officer)
  • Amount: no indication
Machine de gravure
  • Engraving machine
  • l is currently under negotiation with Christophe G.
  • (Manager)
  • Amount: 4 900 €
Rampe mobile de chargement
  • Loading ramp
  • Deal is currently under negotiation with Justine H.
  • (Responsable)
  • Amount: 469 €
  • Slip-resistant carpet (Qty 70)
  • Deal signed with Isham B.
  • (Head of purchasing)
  • Montant estimé : 6 000 €

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