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Hydrogen leak detection chemochromic tapes (irreversible or reversible)

Gas sensors

“ - Rapid visual identification of a hydrogen leak on installation - Easy to use (detachable liner and no adhesive), the tape is wrapped around the tube or joint - No power supply required - Two versions available: irreversible (black discoloration) and reversible (blue discoloration) ”
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DAEHYUN ST's colorimetric sensor tapes provide a simple, easy-to-use solution for rapid visual detection of hydrogen (H2) leakage by color change in 2 to 3 minutes.

Available in 25-meter lengths and 23-mm widths, the 100-micron chemochromic hydrogen detection tape is supported by a 50-micron detachable silicone-type polymer liner.

UV-resistant, residue-free after use, the ribbon is specified for temperatures up to 60°C and 90% humidity. Its main physical characteristics are: tensile strength 0.32kg/mm², elongation at break 700%, dielectric breakdown 3KV.

Requiring no power supply, this technology enables the operator to quickly visualize any hydrogen leakage on his equipment by means of a color change.

Two versions are available:
HT-201000SFD non-reversible version; changes from beige to black in the presence of hydrogen
HT-101000SFD reversible version; changes from beige to blue in the presence of hydrogen. The latter returns to a color close to the initial one after 3 to 6 hours.

This solution is designed for the various segments involving the production, transport, storage or distribution of hydrogen. These include electrolysis or fracturing processes of the methane molecule, vehicle distribution stations (trucks, trains, cars, etc.), industry and space, etc.

Discoloration in presence of hydrogen in 2 to 3 minutes Length 25 meters and width 23mm, Total thickness: 150 microns (chemochromic tape 100 microns, detachable polymer liner 50 microns) Operating temperature up to +60°C and 90% humidity UV-resistant Tensile strength 0.32kg/mm² Elongation at break 700% Dielectric breakdown 3KV.
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Hydrogen Transportation and storage Hydrogen Distribution (station) Water hydolysis or methane molecule fragmentation processes Space Industry (ammonia and methanol production)


HRS is company wich develop some distribution Hyrdrogen station. Therefore we need some way to detect H2 leaks.


Demande de contact pour Rubans Chimio-chromique de détection fuites d'hydrogène


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