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“ Efficient and High Performance HMI/SCADA with mobile solutions ”
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Expect more from your HMI/SCADA
Is your HMI/SCADA more than a passive partner, collecting information, monitoring performance, and generating alarms? Your HMI/SCADA should anticipate your operators’ needs, delivering the precise information they need quickly and intuitively to support the best possible decision-making.
That’s our vision for fourth-generation iFIX from GE Digital— featuring the latest HMI/SCADA technologies that leverage
the power of the Industrial Internet. With just a glance at their iFIX screens, your operators will be able to pinpoint issues that undermine your productivity and determine the optimal action to resolve them.
It’s the ability to provide active decision support that distinguishes fourth-generation iFIX from traditional HMI/SCADA, opening new doors to improved efficiency, reduced waste, and significantly higher performance.

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