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Ink and pen of surface tension POLYMIX

Ink and pen of surface tension



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Our inks and test pens make it possible to optimize the control of surface treatments and ensure the degree of degreasing of metal surfaces. Our test inks are available in different containers, widths and values.


They are also available in standard set.

  • Quick and easy surface search on all materials (except wood)
  • Control of surface treatments on all materials (except wood)
  • Checking the degree of degreasing of metal surfaces
  • Manufactured in pens or flasks. Bottle in 10 ml with brush built into the lid
  • Pen with anti-drying valve. Available in 5, 8, 15, 20 and 60 mm wide 
  • Free declaration (REACH, GHS)
  • Available from 16 to 105 mN / m. No medical risk for the user
  • Highly ecological product
  • Patented product

Domaines d’application

  • Plastic
  • Medical
  • Cosmetic
  • Making
  • Pad Printing

Preparation temperature

From 18 ° C to 23 ° C. Inks have a boiling point> 100 ° C, which allows you to make measurements at temperatures of 50 ° C and above.

At lower temperatures the indicated surface tension values ​​are lower than the room temperature measurements whereas at higher temperatures they are higher than these measurements. As approximate indications, the variations are estimated at between 1 and 2 mN / m per 10 ° C increments.



  • Surface tension is the elastic tendency of a fluid surface which
    makes it acquire the least surface area possible.
  • Surface tension, usually represented by the symbol Ƴ, is
    measured in force per unit length. Its SI unit is newton per
    meter but the cgs unit of dyne per centimeter is also used.
  • Ƴ = 1mN/m = 1dyn/cm = 0,001J/m²


Encre de test

Test Inks are liquids with precisely defined surface
tension. According to DIN ISO 8296:2008-03, these Inks are
a composition of Formamide and Ethylen Glykol, which is highly toxic.

We offer the same range of settings in a complete non toxic composition.


Influence à la mesure

  • Roughness of the Surface (An increase of roughness leads to a bigger surface and spreading of the Test liquid. Therefore, the indication on a rough surface will be higher than on a smooth surface. The deviation depends on the degree of roughness.)
  • Temperature (The surface energy of substrates is fairly independent of its
    Temperature. The surface tension of test inks decreases with rising Temperatures (Thumb rule: 1-2 mN/m per 10 °C). At higher substrate temperatures the indication of surface energy is less than at room temperature.)
  • Contamination
  • Static Charge


  • from 16 ° C to 25 ° C – protect from direct sunlight.
  • hermetic closure – in a sufficiently ventilated place.


Kept in the dark at a temperature between 16 ° C and 25 ° C for at least 6 months from the date of opening and at least 12 months from the date of filling.

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