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Noise is a real risk for your employees and for your organization
Every day, your employees are exposed to a noise intensity greater than or equal to 80 dB(A). The consequences are as severe for them as for your organization: fatigue, stress, heart diseases, reduction in productivity, increase in risks of accidents…
Faced with such a situation, you wish to provide them with individual hearing protection devices.

The Cotral hearing protection: the complete solution to protect your employees
Your anti-noise solution focuses on 3 missions:
  • To protect: providing you with customized hearing protection devices that are comfortable and can be worn 100% of the time
  • To create awareness: Offering you pedagogical and interactive tools that will make your employees responsible for their own safety
  • To assess: providing you with proof of the efficiency of your anti-noise solution

“Classic” hearing protections are inefficient for protecting your employees
Disposable earplugs and earmuffs have various constraints:
  • They are difficult to wear and are often badly positioned
  • They reduce noise sharply, it is impossible to communicate without taking them off
  • Not very comfortable, they cannot be worn continuously
  • Not very economical, your employees are not protected, your investment is thus not profitable, irrespective of the amount.
In conclusion, they do not guarantee the good hearing health of your employees. Then why invest in a hearing protection that is not effective?

Why choose the Cotral customized hearing protection device? What are the advantages?
  • An incomparable wearing experience
    Cotral hearing protection devices can be worn 100% of the time. Replicas of ear impressions, they are perfectly adjusted to each person and are comfortable
  • It is possible to communicate safely
    You reduce the risk of accidents. Your employees can easily hear warning signals. They can communicate without taking off their hearing protection devices.
  • Efficiency is optimized
    Maintenance is simple and ensures the efficiency of the hearing protection.
  • Time saving every morning
    Wearing molded earplugs is easy and fast. Your employees save time.
  • It is a well-thought investment
    Your investment is profitable: protection devices are efficient and can be worn 100% of the time for an annual cost that is less than that of classic personal protective equipment.
  • A worldwide unique guarantee
    The Effi-6 guarantee is a revolution. It covers comfort, the product and noise reduction for a period of 6 years. If not up to standard, your hearing protection set is refunded.

Assessment: the Cotral hearing protection is worn 100% of the time spent in noise. Your employees are saved from noise risks and from occupational deafness. Every day, more than 1.5 million professionals wear Cotral molded earplugs and entrust us with the responsibility of protecting their hearing faculty.

With over 20 years of experience, Cotral Laboratory guarantees hearing health of your employees exposed to 80 dB(A) on an everyday basis. Present in 4 continents, the teams of Prevention Technicians intervene directly in your factory anywhere in the world. 

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Laboratoire Cotral

Laboratoire Cotral


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