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LumaSense Technologies GmbH

Advanced Energy | Precision. Power. Performance.

Advanced Energy shapes and transforms the way in which the world's leading semiconductor and industrial companies can efficiently use, supply and control energy for thermal processes.
We develop and manufacture highly developed precision solutions for energy supply, metrological monitoring and thermal control of business-critical applications and processes.
Our power supply solutions enable innovations in complex semiconductor and thin-film plasma processes, high and low voltage applications and in temperature-critical environments.
From silicon wafer processing to the production of steel ingots, thermal processes, including general heat treatment, are used everywhere. To convert your materials into reliable, high-quality finished products, you need precise heat control.
The Thyro power controllers, Impac optical pyrometers, Mikron thermal imaging cameras, and Luxtron fiber optic sensors from Advanced Energy set the standard for precision, reproducibility and reliability in thermal processing. When our products are integrated into a closed loop control, they provide accurate heat measurement and control.
Trust our solutions to effectively respond to new market requirements, improve processes and increase yield and throughput. We are familiar with the problems of specific markets and exotic materials.

Advanced Energy  | Precision. Power. Performance. Trust.

Measurement solutions for the manufacturing industry


With our Impac pyrometers from Advanced Energy you get the required quality and precision in no time at all. The highly precise instruments have been developed through years of research and customer contacts with a complete range of pyrometers. We are capable to supply an infrared thermometer solution for almost all applications.
  • Glass Applications Pyrometers
  • Metal Applications Pyrometers
  • Non-Metal Applications Pyrometers
  • Semiconductor & Thin-Film Pyrometers
Access field-proven temperature measurement technologies. Advanced Energy's optical fiber thermometers deliver real-time measurement via in-situ probes, optimizing process control.

Petrochemical Sensors  - E2T- Proven sensor solutions for the petrochemical industry

More than 550 refineries, gas plants, and petrochemical companies look to Advanced Energy’s E²T product line for accurate infrared temperature data. With over 1,700 installations worldwide, our petrochemical sensors deliver proven experience, superior performance, and cost savings.

Thermal Imagers and Systems - Obtain Process Control via Precise Temperature Monitoring

Advanced Energy’s turn-key thermal imagers and systems accurately measure temperature and use reliable infrared technology. These high-tech instruments can precisely determine the temperature and temperature distribution of small and fast-moving objects.

Calibration Sources

Exact calibration of the output signals of your pyrometers, thermal imaging systems, heat flow meters or systems. Advanced Energy’s precise Mikron calibration sources are traceable to national standards.

Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors

Advanced Energy’s Luxtron fiber optic temperature sensors set the standard for the energy, research, and medical industries. Based on fluoroptic technology, each individual product can be configured for specific applications.

Thyristor Power Controllers

Flexibility and performance unite with Advanced Energy’s Thyro SCR power controllers. From simple to complex, ensure product quality with proven SCR operation, control modes, digital mains load (dASM) optimization, and voltage sequence control (VSC).


LumaSense Technologies GmbH
Kelsterbacher Straße 14
65479 Raunheim
Phone : +49 6142 789 2800
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Devis sur un pyromètre.


Demande de devis pour Analyses de gaz


Hello, I would like to ask for more information about the pricing of the Lumasense Luxtron M924 OEM Module. Additionally, i would like to ask about the specific probes for MRI conditions and their pricings as well. Thank you in advance.


Bonjour, je souhaiterai avoir un devis pour le INNOVA 1512 s'il vous plait. Cordialement, Ammar ZAHAR


Hello I'm looking for pyrometer IGA 320/23 3 903 990 Do you have it in stock?


Demande de devis sur Pyromètre.

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