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MICRO-EPSILON Presentation


For more than 40 years, Micro-Epsilon has provided solutions to often very complex and unusual applications for the measurement of geometric dimensions such as displacement and distance and more recently for temperature. The company provides the widest range of sensors, systems and test systems worldwide and masters all actual technologies. With more than 500 employees, more than 2,000 engineer- years of accumulated experience and numerous patents, Micro-Epsilon is a reputable partner for industry and research establishments throughout the world. Subsidiary companies are located in the USA, UK, France, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Austria and China. This far reaching distribution network represents the company’s global competence in measurement and sensor technology, distinguished by first class technical consultancy and user support around the world.

Technological Leadership

The company’s relatively high level of investment in R&D activities has helped Micro-Epsilon year-on-year to be the industry’s technological leader and pioneer of innovative sensor systems. With decades of experience, the company has consistently expanded its own research and development activities, which helps the company to continuously develop innovative concepts for displacement measurement, which reach far beyond the customers’ expectations. The company is therefore always one step ahead of competing products on the market. This essential path the company has taken means that high-performance sensor developments are critical, the scope of which provides a constant challenge for the company. However, in the meantime these developments are required by our customers as the basis for ongoing productive collaboration.

Field of applications

Micro-Epsilon sensors are used in research and development, test benches, production lines and are used directly in machines or inspection systems. The product range includes inductive sensors, laser sensors, confocal chromatic sensors, capacitive sensors, eddy current sensors, image processing systems, temperature sensors, test systems and OEM sensors. From a relatively small company to a truly global player, Micro-Epsilon can handle both low volume custom orders and mass-produced sensor products.


14-16 rue des Gaudines / Strategy Center
Phone : 01 39 10 21 00
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Demande de devis pour accurate small distance measurement a few cm to about 10 or 15 m


Demande de devis sur caméras thermiques.


Inductive movement sensors Laser position sensors Distance sensors Thickness measurements 3D scanner Temperature sensors Other sensors Micrometers
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