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ML33 Blade mill / vertical / for plastics / for injection molding
ML33 Blade mill / vertical / for plastics / for injection molding WITTMANN BATTENFELD
Plastic grinder

ML33 Blade mill / vertical / for plastics / for injection molding

ML 33
Designed for efficient beside-the-press granulation of medium, bulky parts from injection molding and/or blow molding.
Very rugged unit and extremely versatile, can be used in robot fed, conveyor fed or hand fed applications.
Larger cutting circle and higher power for processing bulkier molded parts and small blow molded parts.
A "slant-knife" arrangement that produces a scissor cutting action provides higher throughputs with less motor power, less noise, and reduced fines and dust.
3-blade open rotor allowing air to pass through the cutting chamber.
This design results in a cleaner more uniform granulate, reduced heat build-up in the granulate, reduced noise emissions and energy consumption.
All cutting knives are adjustable and pre-adjusted to the proper gap outside the granulator with the use of the knife gap pre-adjustment fixture.
Adjustable rotating and stationary knives allow for a constant cutting circle, minimally gapped knives, and longer knife life since knives do not have to be sharpened as a set.
Motor bearings positioned outside the cutting chamber keep grease from contaminating product and regrind from contaminating the bearings.
Both the hopper and screen cradle are easy to open and close, providing simple access for cleaning and maintenance.

Medium-Sized Conventional Blade Granulator


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