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Mobile Handheld Computer | M2Smart®SE UHF-RFID ACD GROUPE

Mobile Handheld Computer | M2Smart®SE UHF-RFID



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The M2UHF-RFID module transforms the M2Smart®SE mobile handheld computer into an industrial UHF-RFID handheld. With its linearly polarized antenna and an adjustable output power of up to 23 dBm (Shortrange) or 27 dBm (Midrange), the compact module covers the typical application scenarios in industrial environments.
n times of IoT and Industry 4.0, the importance of permanently and seamlessly monitoring material flows in the production process is growing. The Smart Factory requires high data transparency in all phases of the value-added process. Many of these requirements are met by stationary RFID systems.

Portable RFID readers are also increasingly being used to flexibly perform individual read or write operations as required. As a specialist for portable devices, ACD Elektronik GmbH takes this trend into account and introduces a new, mobile UHF RFID reader based on the M2Smart®SE.
Matching M2UHF-RFID App
The included M2UHF-RFID App offers a wide range of options to customize the system to individual needs. Besides common read/write functions, a comfortable tag localization and other useful features, e.g. various country regions can be set.
Flexible and modular for your RFID processes
Important key facts:
  • Frequency range EU: 865 to 868 MHz
  • Frequency range Worldwide: 902 to 928 MHz
  • Antenna type: Integrated Linear Polarized
  • ePop-Loq® adapter for RFID reader from TSL; e.g. Longrange UHF-RFID
  • Convenient DEMO app with numerous configuration options
  • Android™ Industrial+ operating system, where the main focus is on security aspects
  • Reliable plug and play function for frequent module changes
  • Robust housing design for rough everyday use
  • Can be combined with other modules such as keyboards, handle, scanner (shortrange/midrange/longrange), etc.

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