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Natural volcanic rock : XatiPerl XATICO Benelux-France Sàrl

Natural volcanic rock : XatiPerl

Inorganic chemistry



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Perlite is a natural volcanic rock (family of silicates) extracted in different European countries. After extraction, grinding and screening, the thermal process at around 900 ° C converts the water molecules contained in the mineral into steam, causing its expansion, 10 to 20 times of the initial volume. After expansion, grains of different grain sizes become white and porous.

Incombustible by nature, Perlite will be used in different areas. These properties will make it possible to perform, for example as an effective fire or heat barrier as well as an absorbent or insulating agent in very high temperature environments.

Its thermal conductivity allows a usage in thermal and cryogenic insulations. It can also absorb and store up to 40% of its volume. With an Hydrophobic treatment it can still absorb other liquids such as oils, acids etc ...

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