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Nested Spirawave Wave Springs SMALLEY

Nested Spirawave Wave Springs

Wave spring


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Nested Spirawave Wave Springs are flat wire wave springs with multiple turns, coiled in parallel to produce larger forces. 

Nested spring forces result in a rate that increases proportionately to the number of turns. They can exert tremendous strengths, yet maintain the precision of a circular-grain wave spring. In many applications, Nested Wave Springs is replacing stacks of single-turn springs particularly in cases where a high but accurate force is needed.

These springs provide mroe force than a single-turn spring and can be used to replace stacks of single-turns. When replacing a stack, they eliminate the potential for misalignment and uneven loading. This makes installation and assembly much faster. 

Common applications include heavy duty bearing preload and connectors.
Standard parts are available in diameters from .500 - 4" or 16 - 100 mm.

High Forces

Oil and Gas Connector Bearing Pre Load

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