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Overfill prevention system : 76 A and NB 220 QSF FAFNIR

Overfill prevention system : 76 A and NB 220 QSF

Level sensors

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Checks are good, monitoring is even better

FAFNIR‘s PTC-resistor level sensor for fl ammable and non-fl ammable water-polluting liquids

Employee protection and safety management begin as early as the system planning phase. For many years, FAFNIR has been developing high-quality technologies to enable reliable monitoring of liquid levels in tanks and process containers. Our products are stand-alone solutions and operate independently of higher-ranking industrial controllers.

System components

The FAFNIR level controller comprises a level pick-up with two or three independent sensors and a corresponding number of transducers. One of these sensors can be used, either simultaneously or additionally, as an approved overfi ll prevention device.

The overfi ll prevention system interrupts the fi lling process or triggers a visual and audible alarm whenever the maximum permissible level is reached.

Typical applications are for full or empty notifi cations in :

1. Fuel oil tanks, daily service oil tanks, used oil tanks
2. Storage tanks, barrels, bottles

Economical and safe

The FAFNIR level controller is indispensable for anyone who wants to optimise work processes and meet his responsibility for health, safety and the environment.

Advantages of FAFNIR technology

• Proven millions of times under the most demanding conditions
• Overfill prevention approval for many types of liquid
• PTC-resistor principle (no moving parts)
• PTC-resistor encapsulated in a stainless steel sleeve
• Possibility of two to three level sensors in one process connection
• Continuous verification of PTC-resistor characteristics in the NB 220 QSF (scanner function)
• Maintenance-free

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