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Re-Form, the infinetly re-usable thermoplastic resin RIVELEC - PLASTIFORM

Re-Form, the infinetly re-usable thermoplastic resin


“ Part holding, part protection, Mechanical reinforcement for fragile parts, Reusable at will. ”
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Re-Form is a thermoformable resin that can be reused at will. When heated to 60°C (140°F), it becomes transparent, molded and malleable. It becomes a mass that can be shaped manually. When it cools, it becomes white again, very rigid and resistant.
It can be machined at low speed as long as the temperature remains below 60°C (140°F).

The Re-Form is very easy to use, but it is very important to know the safety rules and important facts about the product.
  1. Never touch the Re-Form with bare hands if its temperature is above 80°C (175°F). Wait until it cools down.
  2. When the Re-Form is hot, it sticks to the plastic.
  3. The Re-Form must not be heated directly by a flame.

How to use the product:

Step 1 - Reheat the Re-Form
By heating the Re-Form to over 60°C (140°F), it will become transparent and malleable. To carry out this operation, we recommend using hot water, but it is possible to use other heat sources (except

Step 2 - Model the Re-Form
As long as it is transparent, you can shape the Re-Form by hand and give it the shape you want. The colder the Re-Form gets, the more it whitens, until it becomes very rigid and resistant.

Thermoplastic resin Very resistant and very rigid Malleable with bare hands Part protection Low speed machining

Watchmaking Aeronautics Industry in general

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