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3D Replica for Quality Control

Rivelec is composed of three activities:
  • PLASTIFORM: Trademark registered by Rivelec. Product designer for impression taking.
  • KRISTAL: Technical products for preventive maintenance: Technical cleaning, lubrication, protection
  • P.E.I.: Central purchasing: Supplier in industry.


Inventor of Non-Destructive Testing by Impression Taking, Rivelec's PLASTIFORM products have established themselves in recent years in a large number of companies as an innovative, efficient and reliable indirect measurement technology. Plastiforms are used to accurately control the dimensions of internal cavities. Verifying and controlling without destroying are the biggest advantages of this technology.

PLASTIFORM are two-component products that solidify as soon as they come into contact (1:1 dosage).
By curing, they reproduce with great precision all the details of the surface on which they have been applied: dimensions, shapes, aspects, surface condition. PLASTIFORM polymers have exceptional technical characteristics: Technological Innovation PLASTIFORM: Virtually no dimensional shrinkage Polymerization, which lasts on average 6 minutes, does not cause any loss of volume. Precision in the micrometer range (μm).
All surface details (dimensions, shapes, aspects, surface condition...) are reproduced at μm Shape memory The impression will retain its final shape and return to it even after deformation. No adhesion or residues The product can be used on any type of surface (metals, alloys, PVC, wood, plaster etc...), even under water. Biocompatible and clean Non-toxic and non-polluting, PLASTIFORM can be handled without special precautions (except for Resins).
Not subject to the European REACH regulation. Dimensional Stability The footprint does not deteriorate over time, and can therefore be preserved for several years. Resistance Once cured, the impression resists most chemical, mechanical and thermal treatments (up to 280°C)

Plastiformization technique:

Controlling a groove, a thread base, a reach, a radius, etc. in a small or even very small orifice is possible without having to cut and destroy the part.

Extracted in a few minutes, even in the case of undercut, the flexible impression of the internal shape, simple or complex, can easily be studied by a profile projector or an optical measuring system.

To ensure an always better quality, PLASTIFORM's engineers are committed to researching and developing technical products that are always as close as possible to our customers' needs, studying with users their specific needs, in order to have the most suitable technical solution.


Our products are marketed in France and abroad in various sectors of activity such as Aeronautics, Nuclear, Energy, Armament, Automotive, Equipment, Packaging, Pharmaceuticals, etc.

Product range :
  • Liquids: the products are poured into the room and spread to all corners.
  • Pasty: The products can be easily applied to vertical or overhanging surfaces.
  • Manual Putty: The products are easy to apply, mix and apply by hand.

Main Benefits :
  • Easy to use to measure the internal or external impressions of complex parts of parts.
  • Protection against sandblasting, paint, chemicals,...
  • Coating of technical parts before machining.
  • Speed: Automatic dosing and mixing.
  • Non-destructive.
  • Polymerization in 8 minutes.
  • Non-toxic, non-polluting.
  • Accuracy: Volumetric shrinkage of 1µm per mm.

PLASTIFORM is THE reference for the dimensional footprint for Quality Control.

Information :



P. A. Charles Martel - Larzat / 202, Rue Gustave Courbet
Phone : 0130954545
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