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Safety labels : Labels for product protection WEBER MARKING SYSTEMS FRANCE S.A.S.

Safety labels : Labels for product protection

Tamper-proof label


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Safety labels prevent unauthorised tampering with packaging and render counterfeit products readily detectable. They have integrated or printed safety features designed to protect manufacturers and consumers from dangerous risk and the consequences of product piracy. These labels will be found, for instance, on medicines, hygiene articles, safety-critical components or high-grade branded products.

Counterfeit products amounting to billions of Euros are distributed annually – and the numbers are growing. To consumers, the unexpected fraud will be “only” extremely annoying at best, at worst it may be life-threatening. Manufacturers and sellers may suffer high economic losses, have their image damaged or even face liability litigation. Safety labels are effective in combating counterfeiting. Deployed cleverly, they will prevent product piracy since imitation could be impossible or far too complex. The following solutions are, for instance, available to check authenticity and protect products

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