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SCARA Parts balancing manipulator arm – 50kg / SC0410 NEODITECH

SCARA Parts balancing manipulator arm – 50kg / SC0410

Tool holder

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“ Smooth operation : With its multi-pivot articulations, the manipulator arm features extremely fluid horizontal movements with no loss of rigidity. Easy to use : The operator guides the articulated manipulator arm like an extension of the human arm. Learning to use it takes next to no time as it is very intuitive. The movements are always precise, whatever load is being manipulated. Mobility : A range of mobile bases is available for moving the manipulator arm to different parts of the production area. In this configuration, site installation is quick and requires no prior building work. Recommended for : Holding tools subject to constant weight and load Taking up torques of up to 1000Nm in the horizontal axis Examples of applications : Holding power screwdrivers, measuring devices, etc. ”
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Load manipulator arm

The manipulator arm can manipulate loads up to 50kg in a radius of 2m.

French designed, developed, and made, it is one of those indispensable tools for avoiding MSDs (Musculoskeletal disorders) in industrial environments.

Mechanizing your manual handling operations also increases operator safety and comfort.

Thanks to our high-performance in-house Engineering Department, we can offer you the exact specific gripping tool to suit your needs—clamp, magnet, suction cup, and the rest.

Manipulating radius: 2m Load capacity at 2m: 50kg (including gripping attachment) Vertical stroke: 1m Orientation ring: 350° Smooth horizontal manual axes Mechanically balanced vertical axis
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Automobile Industrie Aéronautique Pharmaceutique Agro-alimentaire

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