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Shipcontainer loading with bags w/o pallets type APF EHCOLO

Shipcontainer loading with bags w/o pallets type APF

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The purpose of the pallet remover system is to load ship containers or trucks to the roof with bags or cartons, fast and WITHOUT DAMAGING THE GOODS IN ANY WAY and without any manual work.   The system requires a standard fork lift truck, the pallet remover and a standard fork lift truck mounted with a push-off device, the last fork lift truck shall be able to drive into a container or a truck. A fork lift truck places the pallets onto the pallet removers base plate, the pallet remover type APF removes then automatically pallets up vertical away from the pallet goods without damaging the goods, and places the pallet automatically into the built-in magazine.   Pallet size: Standard Euro 800 x 1.000 mm and 1.000 x 1.300 mm.
Other sizes on request.   The pallet goods is pushed over controlled onto a standard available push-off device with base plate, which is mounted on a fork lift truck. The pallet goods can be received either length- or sidewise depending on the loading pattern in the container or truck. In case of bags the pallet goods can be pressed length- or sidewise in a hydraulic load press and then be loaded into the container or truck. The pallet remover and hydraulic load press operates full automatic and is activated by remote controls mounted onto the fork lift trucks. When pallet magazine is full, there is an acoustic alarm, the pallet stack can be removed and placed directly into the palletisers pallet magazine.

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