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Solvent recyclers ►Sustainable and economical Eco-Dec SA

Solvent recyclers ►Sustainable and economical

Sustainable development


“ • Fast return on investment • Ready to use • No installation costs • No maintenance • 100% pure distilled solvent • Very low processing costs • Reduce footprint • Simple to clean residues after distillation (without bags) • Easy to operate • Automatic cycle • Regenerators are stainless steel • All models are explosion proof ”
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Do you care about the environment and want to turn to a more circular economy?
Recycle its solvents is combining economy and ecology!

What is an Eco-Dec solvent recycler?

The Eco-Dec recycler recycles all the usual solvents. The system is obtained by a hot plate. 
It gives back, after each cycle, a solvent perfectly ready to be reused. The solvent does not degrade and can be recycled indefinitely.The recycler provides the solution to the problems of storage and disposal of dirty solvents: in addition to being profitable (drastic reduction in the purchase of solvent), the latter is environmentally friendly (circular economy).

The distillation cycle lasts +- 4 hours, depending on the solvent.

We offer 4 different variants depending on your solvent use: 20L, 50L, 150L and 500L.

Why choose the Eco-Dec machine rather than a competitor one?

The Eco-Dec appliance is UNIQUE and protected by a PCT patent. It offers him many advantages on the competitors :
  • The energy consumed is divided by two.
  • There is no clogging on the sides and cleaning is quick and easy.
  • The process is more efficient.
  • The machine does not require any maintenance unlike the competition.
  • The heating element is guaranteed for 10 years.

Still reluctant? Do not hesitate to ask for a test with your dirty solvent !

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