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Sports Halls

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Vall sports halls are the perfect solution to shelter sports courts or pitches temporarily or permanently. They are cost-effective, reliable and fast to be erected. Sports halls have a large inner space with high side walls, making it possible to use them for standard practice of sports such as paddle, volleyball, tennis, basketball or football.

Vall offers you custom-made high quality solutions. Thanks to the effectiveness of the insulation materials used in our sports halls, comfort is guaranteed throughout the year for indoor sports practice.

Our temporary sports halls are extremely solid. Even if they are designed to be used as permanent structures, they are legally considered as relocatable movables, thus exempt from the legal constraints typical of conventional buildings.

Vall, with over 25 years in the industry, offers to our customers a wide range of products: temporary warehouses, sports halls and marquees to meet the needs of covered space: from a small tent for an event or an interim storage building to a canopy either temporary or permanent.

Vall temporary buildings, marquees and sports halls are manufactured following the highest standards of quality and safety.

Vall offers customized solutions and high quality products. Thanks to the insulating efficiency of the materials used for the construction of the sports halls, you can create a suitable covered space to practice sport all year round.

Vall sports halls are the perfect solution to cover a sports court temporary or permanent. Cost-effective, reliable and easy to assemble, these removable sports halls allow a huge indoor space with large sidewall height, allowing the practice of sport activities and competitions of basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer and badminton.

They are also suitable for social, recreational or cultural events. Like all products Vall, they are easily removable and transportable with a low-cost maintenance.

Our polygonal sports halls are an affordable solution for a broad range of groups. Vall offers a turnkey project with any major deviation from approved budget.

Vall sports halls meet relevant safety and environmental standards, as well as the for security, functionality, livability, comfort and maintenance criteria.

Vall, sports halls manufacture, rental and sale. For more information, please contact our Sales Department.

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