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Stäubli Robotics Suite STÄUBLI ROBOTICS

Stäubli Robotics Suite



“ Your robotics environment on a PC ”
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Stäubli Robotics Suite is a Windows®-based software workbench for offline development and online operations.

Develop and test on your PC
Ergonomic and easy-to-use VAL3 Studio is the perfect environment for developing your VAL3 applications. Cells Manager gives you the ability to work on multiple robot systems by creating virtual cells matching the actual systems in terms of software version, options, system configuration (I/Os, etc.) and robot model. Emulator (controller emulation) and 3D Studio (robot arm visualization) provide full emulation of the robot system for fine-tuning and testing your programs prior to receiving your robot system.

Go from your PC to your robot system
When you’re ready to use the actual robot system, Transfer Manager allows you to transfer all of your programs and data back and forth in just a few clicks. Online Debugger, embedded in VAL3 Studio, then provides all the tools necessary for the final debugging and adjustment stages.

Remotely access the robot system

Remote Access provides full access to the robot system from a remote location. You can control the system from your PC and visualize in real time any operation performed by the operator on the teach pendant. For complete system backup, Transfer Manager offers the capability to transfer the entire contents of the robot system to a remote PC, either manually or automatically as a scheduled task.

VAL3 Studio
Offline VAL3 editor and online debugger.

Windows-based emulator of the CS8 controller.

3D Studio
3D visualization of robot arm and trajectory data.

Transfer Manager
All-in-one transfer tool between the robot system and development PC.

Remote Access
Online diagnostic

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