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Studies and measurements - Acoustic and aeraulic
Studies and measurements - Acoustic and aeraulic APHONE + ACOUSTIQUE
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Studies and measurements - Acoustic and aeraulic


APHONE + Engineering can measure and study acoustic and aeraulic issue.

* Environmental Acoustic
We measure on your plant environmental noise – plant running or not running. A measurement report is issued after acoustic measurements.

* Workplace Noise
For your industrial workshop, we can establish an acoustic mapping (using our sonometer and acoustic dosimeter), in octave or if you want, alternatively with an one-third octave filter. A measurement report is issued after acoustic mapping. More, we advocate acoustic treatment (acoustic enclosure, silencer, muffler…) and acoustic gain to fulfill acoustic standards.
We can also supply quotation to isolate your workplace.

* Aeraulic Study
We define, calculate and draw our ventilation network (pressure loss, flow, heat balance, …)

And :
Acoustic dosimetry
Reverberation time
Acoustic Attenuation (doors, panels…)
Acoustic simulation


APHONE + Engineering is a dynamic and innovative SME. Close to its customers, APHONE + Engineering is a company organized on a human scale. We are specialized in acoustic, soundproofing and industrial air. APHONE + Engineering measures, calculates, designs, manufactures and set up issues for your industrial and environmental spheres. Each project is unique, so please contact us for information - Free Technical and financial offer - Free acoustic / soundproofing / industrial air training

  • Acoustic study
  • Acoustic measurement
  • Sonometer
  • Dosimeter
  • Workplace noise
  • Aeraulic measurement and study
  • Acoustic calculation
  • Industry

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