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The dual component complex (rigid foam + flexible foam) PORTELLI PRODUCTIONS

The dual component complex (rigid foam + flexible foam)

Polyurethane mouldings


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This complex is produced by injection moulding a foam with a flexible skin onto rigid foam. This technology created by Paul Portelli, initially developed for the automobile sector, has now attracted many aircraft manufacturing customers.

Portelli Productions designed most of the A380 cockpit interior trims using this technology.

Rigid foam is substituted for parts formerly made from honeycomb composite or metal. The more complex and bulky the structural part, the more interesting it is to make it from rigid foam.

The engineering and design department can concentrate on the attachment points. All the rest of the part is moulded. This optimizes design and implementation costs of complex and traditional parts requiring big added values and adds constant dimensions as moulding ensures that parts are identical.

We inject skin foam onto rigid foam parts in a second phase as the finishing coat. Depending on the need and comfort level required, the flexible foam thickness varies from a few millimetres to a few centimetres. All the benefits of skin foam moulding are preserved and allow us to deliver “ready to fit” parts.

Yet another advantage of dual component complexes is that 100% of the job is carried out by our company, greatly simplifying logistics and supply organisation.

Last but not least, to provide our clients with full service and deliver parts in the most advanced unitisation possible we can also assemble equipment, do special paint jobs, etc.).

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