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Thermal-transfer printer ribbons/foils WEBER MARKING SYSTEMS FRANCE

Thermal-transfer printer ribbons/foils

Transfer of films


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Foils are thermal-transfer ribbons required in label printing. These ribbons are available in a large range of qualities and colours. Weber Marking supplies ribbons for any standard label printer or thermal-transfer direct printer.
There are different qualities of TTR foils: Wax films – smooth and sensitive

These ribbons are particularly soft and sensitive. As a result, high-contrast prints can be achieved even at low temperatures. These ribbons are suitable for normal and glossy silk mat papers.

Wax-resin ribbons – wiping-proof and scratch-resistant

Due to the resin content, the print of these ribbons is more wiping- and scratch-resistant than with a pure wax ribbon. Wax-resin ribbons are also referred to as universal qualities. These are suitable for all glossy papers and synthetic materials such as e.g. PE-top. Another strength of these films is the printing of small fonts and barcodes rotated by 90 °.

Resin ribbons – extremely enduring

Pure resin ribbons are ideal for very specific applications. The prints with pure resin quality have a particularly high resistance. However, higher temperatures are needed here for the print. These ribbons are suitable for printing on nameplates, solvent-resistant synthetic labels, heat-resistant labels, washable textile labels and other special applications.

SolFree®: first ever solvent-free wax ribbon  

Print labels accurately and at the same time improve the CO2 balance without additional costs? This works out! Weber Marking System's eco-friendly wax thermal transfer ribbons feature a novel, patented SolFree® backside coating. It not only protects people and nature, but also the label printer!

With the newly developed SolFree® technology, it is now possible to produce wax ribbons without the use of solvents. The original perfect characteristics of the ribbons are retained: excellent print quality, long durability and good sensitivity.

SolFree®'s improved reverse side coating extends the life of the printhead and helps to reduce costs and waste. The solvents that are used in conventional color ribbons for coating can endanger the health if used improperly. In addition, solvents accelerate global warming and are based on crude oil.

The production of these films releases about 365 g less CO2 per roll than comparable ribbons (with an average size of 110 mm x 300 m). Assuming an annual consumption of 6,000 rolls, this corresponds to approximately 17,000 kilometers traveled by car or one return flight from Germany to New York!

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