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Thermoforming press systems Pinette Emidecau Industries

Thermoforming press systems

Thermoforming under high pressure


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Pinette P.E.I. offers a full range of both thermoforming press lines (in-line thermoforming machine) and thermoforming units, processing thermoset felt noise absorbers or glass fiber sound insulation for engine compartments. The production mean can be semi or fully automatic, which reduce dramatically the need for numerous operators.


Our thermoforming production lines are designed to reach the highest quality standards and use first class components, selected only from internationally recognized brands. Pinette P.E.I. press lines or units work in compliance with local regulations such as CE. They can feature:

  • Unit to unwind and cut material
  • Automatic roll change avoiding production shut down and hazardous operator situation
  • For thermoset materials polymerization realized in a heating mold, provided by highly qualified and certified suppliers
  • Preheating station for thermoplastic composites applications
  • Compression press up to 40,000 kN
  • Steam, hot air injection or electrical heating
  • Soundproof sheet shaped in a controlled environment.
  • Automatic part unloading system driven by our proprietary software.

Pinette P.E.I. provides a new range of smooth electrical mold carriers, with adaptable ergonomics. These mold carriers meet very low maintenance costs, high versatility and silent working modes.

All of this process contributes to one of the main advantages of the 

Pinette P.E.I. design: the much reduced cycle times allowing high productivity.  Moreover, the Pinette P.E.I. expertise supplies a modular design and a power and command integration, with highly versatile PLC programs, which permit future evolution.

Pinette P.E.I. is dedicated to serve the automotive industry by providing solutions to tier one suppliers. Several lines are implemented and used all around the world, satisfying the increasingly high demand for sound-absorbent materials.


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