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Verix Developer Toolkit for the Development of Payment

Accounting and Invoicing software



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The Verix and Verix V multi-application environments open a window of opportunity for the development of payment, payment-related and value-added applications. VeriFone's Developer Toolkits provide everything needed to transform ideas into applications - and get them to market faster and more cost-effectively.

Consisting of a rich set of state-of-the-art development tools based on industry standards, these toolkits speed the design, development and testing of applications for VeriFone's Verix and Verix V-based systems.

    * Verix Developer Toolkit:
The Verix Developer Toolkit consists of a standard third-party compiler and two robust suites that offer a comprehensive collection of tools and utilities including Enhanced Comm Software to speed time-to-market with applications that ensure success.

    * Verix V Developer Toolkit:
VeriFone’s Verix V Developer Toolkit, consisting of an ARM compiler and a comprehensive developers package including Enhanced Comm Software, offers a full collection of tools and utilities that streamline the design, development and testing of applications for VeriFone’s Verix V payment systems.

Benefits of using the Verix and Verix V Developer Toolkits:
- Speeds development of high-quality applications
- Programmers concentrate on high-level customization by streamlining routine tasks
- Reduces time-to-market with the help of easy-to-learn tools and utilities
- Simplifies testing and debugging

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