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Thermal lawn mower


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Push Mowers


are ideal for flat yards under ¼ acre. Their cutting deck ranges

Self-Propelled Mowers

pushes itself to reduce fatigue that may come with a push mower. You simply

walk behind the mower to control its path. Self-Propelled lawn mowers

offer both front and rear wheel drive to better suit your yard. See below to

determine which is right for you:

are perfect for yards up to ¾ acre. The mower actually

Front-drive walk-behind mowers

turn. Swivel front wheels make this possible by allowing easy 180-degree

turns. These are perfect for smaller yards with numerous obstacles.

are remarkably easy to maneuver and

Rear-wheel drive mowers

control, but may make it a little harder to make sharp turns. These mowers

are suited for open yards with steep hills.

If your lawn is larger than ¾ acre you may want to consider a Riding Lawn Mower.

have better traction on hills and better steering

from 20-22 inches, which is the perfect size to quickly and efficiently make

your lawn look beautiful. If you are in good physical condition this may be a

great way to save when purchasing a new lawn mower.

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