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Watco Concrex® Carbon Fibre - Epoxy Repair Mortar

surfaces resin

“ Features - Extremely rapid curing: ready for light traffic in as little as an hour (at 15°C - 20°C) - Virtually indestructible: abrasion resistance is greatly enhanced by the ceramic additive. - Excellent chemical resistance: novolac resin formulation provides superior resistance to chemicals where ordinary mortars do not. - Feather edge or intricate repairs: rich in epoxy resins providing superior strength and adhesion - Suitable for use at temperatures up to as low as 10°C - Stronger than cement based alternatives. ”
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Epoxy resin repair mortar reinforced with carbon fibre and ceramic
  • Stronger than cement based alternatives
  • Faster drying, ready for traffic in 1 hour
  • 20 year guarantee against impact and abrasion failure
  • Embedded with Carbon Fibre for superior strength
  • So versatile it can be used almost anywhere
  • Resin rich for thin section & feather edge repairs
Concrex® Carbon Fibre is the ultimate floor repair mortar. Based on our best-selling Concrex, the addition of Carbon Fibre, ceramic and an increase in resin content makes this the strongest, longest lasting epoxy floor repair mortar that you can buy. To prove it, Concrex Carbon Fibre now comes with a 20-year guarantee against impact and abrasion failure. Its unique formulation outperforms the original Concrex - already the strongest on the market - for strength, drying time, and chemical resistance. What's more, its stronger, longer lasting and will out perform any cement based alternative.
For over 50 years, the Concrex® brand has been the leading epoxy repair mortar and millions of kilos of it are reinforcing and protecting concrete floors, steps and ramps across Europe and the rest of the world. All Concrex Carbon Fibre repairs should be considered permanent, which is why it's our benchmark for repairing concrete floors. Its a versatile formulation that provides a granite-hard finish that is impervious and non-dusting. After all, it’s what you should expect from the number one epoxy repair mortar.

Incredibly tough, granite–hard finish, chemical–resistant, anti–slip, priming not normally required, impervious and non-dusting, may be feather-edged, ready for heavy traffic in 4 hours. Suitable for : Floors, ramps, steps. Appearance : Smooth, impervious surface. Interior and exterior Primer required : Yes, Watco Tack Coat is recommended. Composition : Two part epoxy resin Coverage : 3m² per 25kg. Curing time : 1-2 hours at 20°C Maximum operational temperature: 60°C Pot life : 30 minutes
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