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Accelerating Rate Calorimeter - 254 (ARC®) NETZSCH-GERÄTEBAU GMBH

Accelerating Rate Calorimeter - 254 (ARC®)




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The Accelerating Rate Calorimeter 254 (ARC® 254) provides adiabatic calorimetry data in a safe, controlled laboratory environment. 

This information helps provide a sound understanding of the fundamental physical processes involved. From this understanding, various safe operating systems and procedures can be developed to mitigate the hazards posed by a reactive system.

The Accelerating Rate Calorimeter 254 (ARC® 254) simultaneously measures temperature and pressure. The sealed pressure system also allows the user to evaluate the effect of different gas atmospheres on the thermal stability of the system.

Gaseous reaction products may be analyzed at the end of an experiment to help identify and understand the reaction mechanisms involved.

The Accelerating Rate Calorimeter 254 (ARC® 254) is designed to model the course of a large-scale reaction on a small scale. 

A test material is externally heated in a fixed volume until exothermic activity is detected. Keeping that sample in an adiabatic environment where no energy is lost, the calorimeter then measures and records the sample temperature and pressure.

A single experiment provides data for use in the following:


  • Thermal Hazard Evaluation
  • Pressure Hazard Evaluation
  • Thermokinetic Analysis

    User safety is a key objective in the design of model 254. The user is protected by a series of safety systems that are completely independent of the control system. 

    These safety systems work to protect the user in the event that the primary control system fails. Fully computer-controlled and highly automated, the Accelerating Rate Calorimeter 254 features a graphical interface that is easy to learn and use.


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