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Biobased Multifunctional additive for paints JRS RETTENMAIER France

Biobased Multifunctional additive for paints

Cellulose fibre


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News regarding alginates: see below

Based on cellulose or algae, the JRS Rettenmaier additives are biobased, biodegradable, environmentally friendly and multifunctional.
There are three categories:
- ARBOCEL powders or cellulose fibers;
- ARBOCEL P xxxx cellulose gels;
- Alginates.
ARBOCEL powders or cellulose fibers:

ARBOCEL is a cellulose powder or fiber used for chemical building products. ARBOCEL is water insoluble and available in various grades differing in their length, thickness, purity ...
The advantages of ARBOCEL cellulose powders or fibers for paints or coatings:
1)         Reinforcing agent: reduction of the film tension and of cracking, increase of the wet scrub resistance and of the mechanical reinforcement
2)         Rheology agent: pseudo plastic or structure viscous behavior, patter resistance increased, anti-sagging, easy application by spraying
3)         Matting agent: micro-rough surface with sheen reduction. The higher the ARBOCEL quantity, the stronger the matting effect. Can be used also in transparent application
4)         Lightweight filler: density approx. 1,3g/cm3,  dosage recommendation: 2 parts of water for 1 part of ARBOCEL to obtain the same workability
5)         Possibility to increase the open time due to the transport of liquid in the fiber
6)         Uniform drying: no skin formation during the drying
ARBOCEL can be used for interior/exterior paints, industrial, structural or powder paints, sprayable or applicable with a roller or brush. That is why different grades are available.
ARBOCEL P xxxx cellulose gels:
They are available in powder form which it is necessary to activate / disperse with high shear alone in water.
The main properties of these gels are: opaque thickener, thixotropic, stabilizer and film-forming. In particular, they provide a high gradient viscosity but also a stabilizing effect on pigments and fillers without excessively increasing the viscosity.
They also make it possible to partially or totally replace thickeners, e.g HEC or PU.
Finally, thanks to their thixotropic property, these cellulose gels optimize pumpability and spraying.
New in the JRS range, alginates are made from brown algae and produced in French Brittany.
The main properties are: transparent thickener, film-forming and it is possible to provide a barrier effect to water and oil depending on their formulation.
They are used mainly in food, cosmetics and pharma but also for several years in industrial applications including paints.

Thickening Film forming Anti-cracking Matte Structuring Thixotropic Stabilizing Light load Biobased Biodegradable
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