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COVESTRO Peinture, Encres, Adhésifs et spécialités

COVESTRO Peinture, Encres, Adhésifs et spécialités Presentation

Profile: Supplier of raw materials

Covestro is one of the biggest suppliers of high-tech polymer materials and innovative integrated solutions which can be found in many products and applications in everyday life. The company makes most of its sales with products which occupy leading positions on the world market. It has 40 production sites worldwide, employs 16 200 employees and achieved a global turnover of 14.1 Mrd. Euros in 2017.

As the inventor of polyurethane chemistry, its business unit CAS (Coatings, Adhesives and Specialties) is a major supplier of raw materials for the industry of paint, adhesives and specialties.

A stylish car, a sports shoe or a parquet floor may be completely different products, but what they have in common is they are probably protected with coatings and held together with adhesives made of raw materials from Covestro. In addition, the company supplies raw materials for specialty chemicals which are the basis of cosmetic, textile and medical products.

With more than 75 years of experience in polyurethane chemistry research and development. Covestro continue to develop PU raw materials for coatings systems for use in many industries and applications. Such as DESMODUR® eco N – the world’s first PU cross-linker made from 70 percent biomass. And the new thermoactivated hardener Blulogiq, which enables optimized clear-coating of automotive plastic add-on parts

This wealth of experience in polyurethane chemistry is today the basis for innovative adhesives that create resilient and durable solutions for many industries and applications. For example Dispercoll® U – a polyurethane water-based dispersion, which gives you the best of two worlds: The rapid user-friendliness of one-component adhesives combined with the proven adhesive strength of two-component systems. Or adhesives based on Desmodur® quix 175: They cure at room temperature within two days. Thus long delivery times for your customers are no longer an issue.
Covestro continue to invest in research and development, collaborating closely with our customers and their value chain, to improve existing products and develop new polyurethane building blocks that address current needs and anticipate future challenges.
Our brands :
ACCLAIM® Polyether polyols for elastic 2K coatings
ARCOL® Polyether polyols for nonsolvent polyurethanes
BAYBOND® Polyurethane dispersions for superior glass fiber sizings
BAYCOLL® Polyols for 2K adhesives
BAYCUSAN® Innovative ingredients for cosmetic formulations
BAYHYDROL® PU dispersions: low-VOCs, versatile properties
BAYHYDUR® Polyisocyanate crosslinkers enhance waterborne PU coatings
BAYMEDIX® Innovative raw materials for medical device applications
CRELAN® Polyisocyanate crosslinkers for polyurethane powder coatings
DESAVIN® Lightfast flexibilizer for coatings, sealants and plastics
DESMOCAP® Pre-polymers for flexible epoxy and urethane coatings
DESMOCOLL® Polyurethanes for solventborne heat-activated adhesives
DESMOCOMP® Polyurethane matrix for composites with excellent UV and chemical stability and weatherability.
DESMODUR® Aromatic and aliphatic (light-stable) diisocyanates, polyisocyanates and prepolymers for the formulation of one- (1K) and two-component (2K) polyurethane systems
DESMOLAC® Binders for elastic coatings
DESMOMELT® Polyurethanes for hot melt adhesives
DESMOPHEN® World-renowned polyurethane polyol building blocks polyether or polyester base
DESMOPHEN®C Polycarbonates base
DESMOPHEN®NH Polyaspartics base
DESMOSEAL® Prepolymers for low-VOC elastic sealants and adhesives
DESMOTHERM® Self-crosslinking resin binder for 1K stoving systems
DISPERCOLL® Dispersions for waterborne adhesives
IMPRAFIX® Isocyanate Crosslinker and additives to increase mechanical properties and chemical resistance of polyurethane based textile coatings
IMPRANIL® Polyurethane dispersion for textile
IMPRAPERM® Polyurethane dispersions for textile
MULTRANOL® Polyether polyols for polyurethanes
PERGUT® Chlorinated rubber for robust chemical- and water- resistance


COVESTRO Peinture, Encres, Adhésifs et spécialités
12, Place de La Défense
92974 Paris La Défense
Phone : 01 82 88 70 72
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Polyurethane Special chemistry Polymers

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