COVESTRO Peinture, Encres, Adhésifs et spécialités
COVESTRO Peinture, Encres, Adhésifs et spécialités
COVESTRO Peinture, Encres, Adhésifs et spécialités
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Dispercoll® COVESTRO Peinture, Encres, Adhésifs et spécialités
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Dispercoll® dispersions for waterborne adhesives

There is growing demand for more environmentally friendly adhesive solutions for consumer and industrial applications. Covestro has responded with the development of its Dispercoll® range of waterborne dispersions for the formulation of high-performance adhesives.

Dispercoll® U dispersions are aqueous, anionic dispersions of high molecular weight aliphatic polyurethanes that do not contain co-solvents and offer performance comparable to solventborne polyurethanes.

Key properties include:
  • Good resistance to discoloration
  • Water resistance
  • Excellent adhesion to plasticized PVC, other plastics and most substrates
  • Good heat resistance
  • Compatibility with many compounding ingredients
The performance of Dispercoll® U dispersions can be enhanced using Desmodur® or Bayhydur® water-dispersible polyisocyanate crosslinkers.

Dispercoll® C dispersions are aqueous polychloroprene lattices commonly used in the formulation of water-based-contact cements and foam-laminating adhesives. Adhesives based on Dispercoll® C dispersions exhibit long open tack times, high initial strength and high heat resistance. They can be used as substitutes for solventborne contact adhesives.

Dispercoll® S products are anionic colloidal solutions of amorphous silicon dioxide used with aqueous polymers, such as Dispercoll® C dispersions, to provide improvement of rheology properties (thickening). Aqueous polymers also increase the film modulus in adhesive applications. Compounded adhesives containing Dispercoll® S dispersions exhibit increased heat resistance and initial wet bond strength.

Dispercoll® dispersions are used for the formulation of adhesives designed for automotive, construction, furniture, footwear and packaging applications .

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COVESTRO Peinture, Encres, Adhésifs et spécialités

COVESTRO Peinture, Encres, Adhésifs et spécialités


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