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DIVERCHIM Presentation

Founded in 2000, DIVERCHIM is the leading French company for organic synthesis of original molecules bringing its customers a top level expertise. DIVERCHIM is a Contract Research Organisation (CRO) in organic chemistry.

Our teams combine experience in drug discovery and process development, medicinal chemistry, parallel synthesis, biochemical tools and fine chemicals to deliver you with unique chemistry solutions to achieve your requirements. Diverchim specifies in complex multi-steps synthesis, low temperature chemistry, asymmetric, organometallic, cyclopropane, pyrrolidine, oxetane chemistry... Besides DIVERCHIM can scale-up existing processes or develop a new process for existing products. Our Custom Synthesis capabilities range from mg to cGMP kilogram scale.

DIVERCHIM offers reference products for screening and building blocks for discovery (catalog).


  • Answer to the growing demand of outsourcing of R&D activities from big companies working in chemistry (pharmaceutical, agrochemical, cosmetic industries) or start-up in biotechnology that do not wish to internalize their organic chemistry needs.
  • Bring to customers its scientific expertise as well as top-level human and equipments means in order to succeed the project with the best leadtime, quality, reliability and confidentiality.


  • 2014: "Responsible Chemistry" Award by UIC for our new facilities in compliance with international standards
  • 2014: Excellence Award by BPI France for our growing and innovation ability
  • 2013: Pierre Potier Award for a new process of cyclopropanation, in respect of the environment
  • 2011: Award PM’UP
  • 2008: Challenge Coface-CGPME-Figaro Magazine
  • 2005: Sima-Mischonsniky-Gaudard price
  • 2003: Qualification « GenHomme » by the Ministry of Research and Technology
  • 2001: Master of start-up companies
  • 2000: ANVAR label for innovating companies


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  • WO 2013 90212 A1
  • WO 2013 14354 A1
  • WO 2013 93320 A1
  • WO 2012 85474 A1
  • WO 2012 175837 A1


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