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Flash DSC 1 — Flash Differential Scanning Calorimeter from METTLER TOLEDO METTLER TOLEDO

Flash DSC 1 — Flash Differential Scanning Calorimeter from METTLER TOLEDO

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METTLER TOLEDO Flash DSC 1 revolutionizes rapid-scanning DSC. The instrument can analyze reorganization processes that were previously impossible to measure.

Up until now, many physical transitions and chemical reactions could not be investigated, simply because no instrument was fast enough to measure the processes involved.

The new, revolutionary METTLER TOLEDO Flash DSC 1 opens up new frontiers in thermal analysis and gives you access to a completely new world.

Differential Scanning Calorimetry - or DSC for short – is a technique that allows you to determine the energy absorbed or released by a sample over a wide temperature range.

The standard DSC 1 from METTLER TOLEDO has a maximum heating rate of 400 Kelvin per minute. In contrast, the new Flash DSC 1 provides heating rates of up to 2,400,000 Kelvin per minute and cooling rates of up to 240,000 Kelvin per minute.

These incredibly high heating and cooling rates present exciting new application possibilities that were previously undreamt of.

For example, materials used for injection molding can now be studied under actual processing conditions. The Flash DSC 1’s cooling rates are so high that a sample can be cooled under exactly the same conditions as occur in the process.

The heart of the Flash DSC 1 is the innovative sensor chip based on MEMS technology. This sensor has a very small mass and combines unsurpassed sensitivity with excellent resolution and response time.

In a Flash DSC measurement, the sample is placed directly onto the replaceable sensor. The ergonomic design of the instrument, the touchscreen display and the microscope ensure complete ease of use when working with such very small samples.

The very high heating and cooling rates enable many measurements to be performed in just a few seconds. This generates an enormous amount of new data for evaluation.

METTLER TOLEDO’s powerful STAR software offers unrivalled flexibility and almost unlimited evaluation possibilities, and allows you to explore a completely new world with Flash DSC.

Innovative Technology, Versatile Modularity and Swiss Quality – the METTLER TOLEDO Flash DSC 1 represents a quantum leap in thermal analysis and revolutionizes fast-scanning DSC.

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