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Thermomechanical Analysis : TMA/SDTA 2+
Thermomechanical Analysis : TMA/SDTA 2+ - METTLER TOLEDO
Thermomechanical Analysis : TMA/SDTA 2+ - Temperature gauges
Thermomechanical Analysis : TMA/SDTA 2+ METTLER TOLEDO
Temperature gauges

Thermomechanical Analysis : TMA/SDTA 2+

The TMA/SDTA 2+ can be used for a wide range of applications due to its broad temperature range and the wide choice of force parameters in compression and tension modes.

As a result, the TMA/SDTA 2+ quickly provides characteristic information on numerous types of samples, for example very thin layers, large sample cylinders, fine fibers, films, plates, soft or hard polymers, and single crystals.

TMA is the ideal addition to DSC. Besides the measurement of expansion coefficients, TMA is also an excellent technique for determining glass transitions that cannot be satisfactorily measured by DSC, for example materials with a high filler content. The penetration mode is ideal for characterizing the glass transitions of difficult samples such as very thin coatings.

SDTA Signal - Unsurpassed Temperature Accuracy

The TMA/SDTA 2+ is the only instrument on the market that measures the sample temperature very close to the sample in all operating modes. This enables temperature adjustment to be carried out using reference substances (e.g. the melting points of pure metals) or through a change in length.
One Click™ Technology

The touch-sensitive color terminal for the TMA/SDTA 1 presents clear and precise information and is easily seen from a distance. The patented One Click™ function allows you to start predefined measuring methods safely and easily from the terminal at the touch of a button.


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