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Heated sample changer: Xsample 630 Anton Paar France

Heated sample changer: Xsample 630

Laboratory sample distributor


“ Improved heating performance Short heating periods make the sample changer ready for measurement in no time Even measurement of highly sensitive samples (e.g. waxes) can be performed by using the optional heated waste hose. Heating temperatures up to 95 °C can be achieved and the highest temperature stability is provided Low power consumption resulting in energy savings is achieved by eight independent electrical heating circuits Easy sample handling Safe and easy collection of hot samples is facilitated by a removable magazine with a thermal handle 36 heated positions allow for unattended and fully automated measurements. Optional non-heated positions for samples that are measurable at room temperature even make a second system obsolete. Low maintenance efforts due to electrical heating. No water bath that needs periodical inspection. No cross-contamination due to the highest cleaning performance Inside and outside needle cleaning prevents sample cross-contamination and ensures the highest precision. Up to three different solvents can be used in any order to achieve optimal cleaning performance Optimized cleaning performance is achieved by the use of different cleaning modes in any order Increased uptime of the instruments can be achieved by automated cleaning procedures directly after the measurements. ”
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The Xsample 630 sample changer handles up to 36 heated sample positions for all Anton Paar master instruments. Improved heating leads to short heating periods, time savings, and increased performance. Temperatures up to 95 °C are achieved in the system. Even challenging samples can be measured according to strict ASTM standards. The robust design ensures reliable and maintenance-free operation. A removable magazine with dedicated non-heated positions saves time by facilitating sample handling and even makes a second measuring system obsolete.

  • The multi-sample changer with no limits for high viscosities
  • Handles up to 56 samples with heated (up to 95 °C / 200 °F) and non-heated samples at the same time
  • Automated cleaning and drying
  • Safe electrical heating, no water bath required

Up to 36 sample positions Short heating periods For high viscosity samples reliable and maintenance-free operation Removable carousel
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